SPIRITUAL UPGRADE- In a time of great transition, change and upgrades, Bishop Van I. Sharpe has written a book that will help you upgrade yourself spiritually.  he will excite and ignite your passion to take charge of the spiritual side of your life and move others to do the same. The fresh insights in this book will move you to see the importance of not just upgrading your cell phone, television, computer, GPS navigaton system and other things but your spiritual life also.

Bishop Van I. Sharpe blows the trumphet sounds the alarm so you can eat in plenty, be satisfied, praise the name of your God, and never be ashamed. Through these truths you will understand when you upgrade your spiritual life that God will upgrade your natural life.
THE BLESSINGS OF REJECTION - The truth of the matter is your blessings will not come from nice and elegant places in life. Rather, they will come out of your pains and obstacles. Pastor Van I. Sharpe has written this insightful book full of spiritual truths to empower you to survive and enjoy the journey.

The nuggets in this book will help you look for the blessings in a place called " rejection."  You will no longer see yourself as strange or an outcast.  there will be a shift in your ability to perform exploits in the kingdom of God.  You will  get what's yours from places others dare to go!
HOW TO OVERPOWER DISCOURAGEMENT - How To Overpower Discouragement is a must foe men and women of vision, who are losing courage in what they are believing God to perform in their life. It will help you win against those human tendercies to quit, draw back, or commit suicide.  This book will show you how to hold on to your vision and crush discouragement!
SEEKING GOD MAKES YOU PROSPER - Seeking God Makes You Prosper is a book designed to help stir your heart and mind towards a fresh pursuit of God. it emphasizes the importance of being obedient to God and the prosperity that comes with TOTAL OBEDIENCE. It will move you to be one of the voices crying out and challenging believers in this hour to seek God more than things.
SHEEP TAMING WOLVES - Sheep Taming Wolves is a powerful book which will encourage you to bring healing and deliverance to those in darkness by flowing in the spirit of meekness.  It will give you spiritual insights on how to tame a violent attitude in those who are opposing you in your home, work place and community. You will discover God's solutions to many of the problems in our society today such as drugs, violence, and disrespect for authority.  You will learn that God is not using a wolf to tame another wolf, he will only use a sheep.
DON'T LOSE YOURS TRYING TO SAVE THEIRS - This book is designed to bring deliverence to those who are constant givers seem to struggle with saying 'no," even when saying 'yes" is causing you to be taken advantage of by leeches.  it is designed to warn and enhance the lives of those who love and care for people so much that in their zeal to help or assist others, they lose what is really dear to them. It is my desire to challenge fellow pastors, doctors, lawyers, teachers, athletes, businessman, saints, and many others who who sometimes over extend themselves helping those outside of their family that they dont seem to have the time or the energy for their own. I believe the Holy Spirit has ordained that you pick up this book and be challenged by God to keep what you currently have without endangering it at the expense of helping others. Jesus, who is the ultimate example, didn't allow anything to be lost that should have been kept so why should we. I challenge you by the grace of God, not to lose your spouse trying to help someone keep theirs. Don't lose your health trying to help someone keep theirs. Don't lose your joy trying to help someone  keep theirs. Don't lose your peace and happiness tring to help someone keep theirs. Don't get behind in your bills trying to help someone else pay theirs. I challenge you to watch out for those who constantly want your time and advice but never mature or learn to be responsible and self-reliant. Don't let anyone or anything suck the blood out of you.
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